Study in h4 or change to f1, visa and chance of employment


is it good to study MBA in h4 visa or should I change to f1.

which of these visa give me a higher chance of employment after I complete the course.

what is instate fee and who are eligible for the fee?

thank you



Visa category is not relevant to your employability, many are inter-convertible. You must convert to F-1 with OPT prior to taking up a work assignment though. In-state fee is for local residents, people who have lived in the state for x number of months or years. Many states do not consider you in-state if you are a foreign national, even if you have lived there for 100 years unless you convert to GC or citizenship. Private Universities are different, their fee structure is constant for everyone.

Good Luck!

Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D.

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

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furthering studies on H4 is a good option, however you will not be eligible for on campus jobs , paid internships, CPT/OPT options. If you are on F1 , it opens up your options of doing on campus jobs, (TA, Inters etc) cpt and opt where you can do paid internships and eventually if you are doing a great job, the company might sponsor you for H1B. If you want to study on H4, you can even take 1 or 2 courses/semester, however In F1 you have to take minimum courses as per the university rules (mostly 3 courses/semester) In my opinion, if you want to study , then go for F1, which pretty much opens up your options. please note in order to get CPT and OPT there are minimum number of days or courses you have to take on F1 and H4 doesnt allow you neithe rof this. Scholarships are totally dependent on universities, but if you can get admit to state universities then you should be able to get in state tuition discounts on H4, (again it depends on the universities) Gud Luck
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