Student visa questions, late start program, affidavit letter, work in the USA?

Im going for a student visa interview this Wednesday…and i have a few questions

  1. My school program starts on September 8th, and my interview is on the 9th…is there going to be any problems when i go in the embassy? Should i ask for a its-okay-that-shes-late-to-school letter from the school as if an excuse?

  2. I just find out that to work as a visa student you need the i765 form, to be submitted and payed for. If im not able to pay it on time, is it possible to submit one of you get in the US? If so, how?

  3. will i need a letter from the family im staying with? If so what should be included?

Thank you

You need a letter from school on late start approval. The permit to work off campus for an F1 student is obtained through a special economic hardship evidence pathway and you can apply for it only after 2 months of arrival. Remember that if you state to the embassy that you plan to work in the US while studying, your petition could be placed into ‘additional evidence required’ category and proof will be needed on your ability to survive in the US if you do not get a job. I see that your interview was already done on Sep 9th - sorry for the late reply. Do let us know what happened with your interview.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Thank you for the answer, and its alright that it was answered late. Well i went to the interview and they denied me for a few reasons

  1. they said i was not qualified for one. I just don’t understand why not, because i did have one before and got back on time to apply for a new one
  2. they didn’t see a strong relationship with the family that i was staying with, when i had a letter from them
  3. i didn’t know I’m supposed to have a DH that determines the length of stay but they didn’t make any problem for that and my last name in my certificate is a bit different than the one in my passport so they told me for next time to make everything as it is in the passport
  4. the i-20 form was not original, meaning i had the form from the school but it was because it was through email and not through mail. Which again i didn’t know they needed it original. I tought as long as they see it its not going to be a problem.

I can’t do anything right now for that besides go to school in my home country. But i am planning to apply for visa next year and to not make the same mistakes as this time. And also my parents are suggesting to see into the Green Card Lottery. Do you know anything about that? The procedure? Required documents?