Student Visa Form DS-160 question

I am applying for F-1 as undergratuate student in US. I am 18 years old. My uncle had filed immigration petition for my father but it was withdrawn in 2009. What would be the answer for the following question?

Has anyone ever filed immigration petition on your behalf with USCIS?


Was it filed for you or your Father ? Was it filed for both of you jointly ?

It was filed for my father as it says in the original question. When I-130 is filed for the principal beneficiary;his family (wife,unmarried children under the age of 21)considered as derivative beneficiary. One can not file for niece or nephew as it is not same blood line. One can file only for biological brother or sister. Just to keep you updated.

Well, it seems tricky question. If you have additional comments section under that questions, maybe you can say Yes and state the above that you were derivative beneficiary in the notes section. If you are not clear, you can always email US Consulate or call VFS.