Still working for Company A but need to go for stamping on Comp B h1B

Hello all,

Can you please help clarifying my question.

I worked for Company A (MNC) in the US from 2010 and because my L1B ext was denied on October 1st week I have returned back to India on October 2nd week 2013.

I have already applied H1B with company B in this year quota and the petetion got approved on october 3rd week. Now I need to go for stamping on Company B H1B.

So my question is, do I need to resign my Company A and get the experience letter, before going for stamping? I read few people taking experience letter to the Visa Stamping in this forum.

Since I have been working in the Company A for more than 7 years, I do not have any other experience letter.

Please help me…

U don’t need to resign the job at the time of stamping, as its a little risky (if goes into 221g/admin processing), as U may be jobless till it gets approved.

U can say that the H1B is a New opprtunity for U and justify how u got the job and what are your specialities and strengths. If asked by VO, U can show ur ID Card / Pay Slips / Hike Letter / any other relevant docs saying U r employed and U got experience. U can also say that U r in Notice Period and Will be relieved soon to take new engagement in US after Stamping