Still not recieved any update on my H1B status from my employer


Working for corporate company , my empolyer filed petition but still didnt recieved any update till now?

Is it been not selected in Lotter system or still need to wait



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If your case is selected in lottery, you can except mail from your employer with receipt number till June 1st week or so. Most if the company’s will not send any mail if their case is NOT selected.

People who got selected in lottery started getting mails with receipt no’s. This will continue till June 1st week.

I haven’t got any response frommy employer either…my attorney didnt even let me know whether its been filed under PP or RP…is it over or there is a hope??

my agent said my case neither be selected nor be declined since no updates from USCIS and my check has not been cashed yet. they ask me to wait few more days