Steps taken by attorney for H1b filing

What are the steps taken by the attorney for H1b filing under premium processing.

Is the LCA applied before filing for H1b or is it done as part of the process? How much time does getting an LCA approval takes? Will H1B filing be done after the LC is approved? In premium processing which of these process is expedited?

Wanted to know the step-by-step process for H1b filing process taken by attorney under premium processing


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LCA always need to be certified before filing the H-1 petition. LCA certification takes around 7-10 days and cannot be expedited. Once LCA has been certified and posted on notice boards for 1-2 weeks, H-1 petition can be applied along w/ premium processing (after April 1).

Thanks Saurabh for your reply!
Since I have a previosuly approved petition - Got confirmation from RedBus2US(refer Q: Do not have petition papers of a previously approved petition) as well as from attorney that I fall under the cap-exempt quota & do not have to wait for the regular cap to open so I have already applied for H1b premium processing through one of the consultants. When enquired the consultant says that LC is already filed & they will apply for H1b once LC is approved. Under premium processing the entire H1b filing takes 15 days right or is it excluding the time taken for LCA? What is this notice board you are referring to?