STEMP OPT extension receipt Delays - Travel to India?

Hello All,
I submitted my STEM extension application on Nov 16th to USCIS. I have still not yet got my receipt. When I called USCIS (Potomac), they said they have not yet received my application. My OPT is expiring on Jan 29th, 2020

  1. IS there a known delay that is happening with all these applications with USCIS. I submitted I -765 form and sent my application to Phoenix. I live in Portland, Oregon.

  2. I have travel planned to India on Jan 9th and return on Feb 27th as my sister is getting married. Can I travel and enter back without a receipt?.

  3. Is there a set time duration USCIS gives us for responding to RFE’s (eg. Always 6 months or 3 months) or is it subjective case by case.

Well, there are definitely delays with the receipts. Some are getting receipts only after 2 months.
Do you have any confirmation like USPS tracking that tells your package was delivered on time ? If so, you are fine. If not, then it is hard to say, if the package was lost.

You need to have valid Visa and all other documentation from DSO and valid documents to enter. Otherwise you cannot. They would ask for OPT approval usually as that is what it tells that you have work authorization…Discuss with your DSO and plan.

It varies by case. most of them are under 3 months.