Staying in L1 after H1B approval past October effective date


I am currently on an L1 visa and I have my H1B approved (COS) and will be effective from Oct 1st. Please let me know if I can continue to stay in L1 after Oct 1st for say, a month till November and then quit my L1 sponsoring company and work for my H1 sponsor

Or should I be working for the new company from 1st of October as this is the date the COS becomes effective

Will my H1 still be effective if I decide to take the new offer a month later?

Please advise



Choice is yours. You can always continue your current employer on L1. Your eligible to start your H1b Status right from oct 1. You can delay and join later also. But better not to delay.



Thanks a lot, Vivek

Some forum discussions stated that if it is change of status, I will automatically in H1 status and am not eligible to work for my old company on L1.

Just trying to understand the impact - What are the impacts if I delay and join a month later.

Thank you so much for your response

Hi RR,

Did you work for your L1 employer even after 1 October? I am in the same boat. Please share your experience. I’ll have to work for my L1 employer till this December. Please help me here.

I did start to work for my new employer from oct 1st