Stay in USA with Valid H1B Visa

My employer is asking me to go back to India on 03/31. New Employer will be filing H1B transfer on 04/07.

Can I stay in USA from 04/01 till I get my H1B receipt number.

Need your suggestion.


This is a risky move as you will be out of status for 1 week. If USCIS asks for proof of status for this period, then they would approve B’s H-1 w/o I-94 attached. This in turn means you will have to leave US and return on B’s petition in order to work for them. If USCIS doesn’t ask about this 1 week, then you are all set. So it’s a gray area.

You should ask B’s attorney about this as they should be aware of your correct immigration status when filing your petition.

Thanks Saurabh,

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