Status showing intial review still

Hi ,

Me and my husband has been appplied H1B visa April 2013 through same comany .

From August 19 "The align regestor number changed mssage showing in USCIS web site " and its in Itial review only stll.

Could you kindly any one answer to my question .

Why it is showing still in intial review .Is there any problem ?

any chance ti reject the visa if its still showing IR?

what is the last date to get the approval for 2013 H1B application ? USICS should complete the approvals before march 2014 ?

Please provide the information .

Thanks in Advance .

Yes, they will process majority of the petition by March 2014. Some may still spill over, but majority of the petitions will be processed by then.

I can’t speculate the reason, but your attorney can follow-up w/ USCIS about the delay.

If the delay is unbearable, then you have the option of upgrading to PP.

Delay doesn’t mean higher chances of denial.

Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your response.

Could you kindly also help in assisting the below queries.

  1. If my request is ‘Initial Review’ status is there a chance it could get REJECTED with out a query from USCIS ?

  2. If USCIS posts a question to my company/consultancy and we are not aware of that , is there a chance that Status will not be updated in Embassy website?

  3. From the same consultancy there were many applications for which they were updated on August 19th to ‘Alligned Registered Number changed’ at same time, now all this applications are in Initial Review status only with no query either. Have you heard any such case earlier.

Thank you in Advance.

  1. Highly unlikely. They almost always issue RFE first
  2. The status usually changes to RFE when they raise the query.
  3. I don’t remember any such specific cases