Status Change After H4 Interview is Scheduled


My wife had scheduled an appointment for her h4 and the best date she got is coming August 3rd. Its about a one and half month of wait for us.

In the meantime I have travelled to the US . This is is my first time entry with my visa having only 2 months to expire.

Now, my sponsor is preparing application for an extension. So, by the time my family goes for visa interview, we might get the extension approved.

In DS-160 for H4, we have provided all details about the original petition which expires soon. If my wife carries the copy of the new approval to the interview , will it be considered? Going through the appointment booking process is going to be a matter of time again.



You will have 2 options:

  1. Complete another DS-160 form. Carry both old and new forms to biometrics and ask the person to swap the old one w/ new one in the system

  2. Carry only current DS-160 form and get petition details updated during biometrics