Status after OPT expires but H1B applied

Hello everyone, I was working for a company as a prt of my OPT and they filed my H1 on the 2nd of April. I have not recived my reciept yet. My OPT expired on 4th may. I made several calls to USCIS and they have not given me consistent answers. My lawyer said it is ok to continue working.

Does anyone have any insights about this. Please let me know what can I do???

You have to get a cap-gap I-20 from your school DSO. Usually they will issue it only with receipt number from USCIS, sometimes if you show them a FedEx/UPS tracking that you have applied for H1, they will issue an I-20 until June 2013 (read it some where online)

I think, you risk going out-of-status, as you are in the grace period now. Talk to your school DSO immediately, I am not a lawyer but I kind of doubt the lawyer might be misguiding you. So to be on safe side, check with your school DSO what the lawyer has told you.