Starting work June 2012, when does filing need to begin for H1B?


I am on OPT and just got a job offer (June 2012). Is it still possible to apply for an H1B visa? How to I tell my Company that I need one? How much does it cost for the employer to file an H1B?

Thank you

When does your OPT expire?

Cap season for FY 2013 seems like is almost over.

First, you (employer/attorney, that is) need to file for LCA - [](  It takes about 7-10 calendar days for it to be certified.

You can read about the rest of the procedure (and get update on the current count) here:  [](

The cost can also be found on that link (it depends according to a few different factors).

your company is supposed to pay. You cannot pay it. It is a violation of some DOL law