Stamping without client letter


I work with a large IT firm and I am going for stamping in Mumbai consulate. Mine is a EC model.
My client is not providing a client letter. But there is a SOW in place which I can take and is valid it 2015.
There are atleast 20 people who went to stamping from my project without the client letter but with SOW and have got their visa stamp.
But still I am confused. Shall I go for stamping or change my client? What else i can ask from client to make my case strong?

Any replies ?? I am going for stamping in few days time.

I believe there is no hard and fast rule about the required documents which prove the Employer EMployee relationship.

Client letter is one of the documents. Ask an attorney to check if the SOW can fulfil the requirements. I am sure even the attorney cannot say for sure if you have problems or not. But he can provide an educated guess.

As a proof of your requirement for the post in US, the VO may require a client letter, specially so in H1-Visa…Its good to have it but yes, its not mandatory. There are chances that VO might not ask for it, in any case you should get a BRM letter atleast if not a client letter. A BRM letter along with SOW can still help your cause if the VO wants to see the requirement.

Hope this helps

Hi Deep,
Did you get Visa stamped without client letter.

I did!!! Interview was for 30 sec only. It depends if you come from the big 4 IT firms, you are bit secured.