stamping visa - changed from employer a to b and then back to employer a


I came to USA on h1b visa for employer A and visa is valid till july 2015. while in USA i transfered to employer B. Now new I797 states visa is valid till Sep 2016. within a year i transfered it back to employer A and my LCA states that visa is valid till aug 2016. I am yet to receive my new i797 from employer A. I am traveling to india this nov.

My questions are

  1. Do I have to get the stamp this nov while I am in India??? (in my passport the visa is stamped till 2015 with employer A name on it. but since i changed to employer (b) and then back to employer A… DOES that mean i have to get it re stamp.

Please share your thoughts .


Yes, you need to get the new stamping of your old employer A, using the recent H1B approval(I-797A notice)