Stamping of extension before visa expiring stamped on passport.

Hi Team,

I am currently in USA. I have valid visa stamped on my passport till Sep 2016 and also i have approved extension I-797 which has date 13th june 2016 to 30th sep 2018. I want to travel to Germany for some work before sep 2016. My question is as follows:

  1. Do i require stamping before Sep 2016 to enter in US ?

  2. If I enter US without stamping what will be date of my I-94 ? Is it based on new visa approved or old one ?

You always need to have an unexpired visa stamp and unexpired petition when entering US. You can enter using current visa stamp only until Sep 2016. If you want to travel after that, then you need to get a new visa stamp using the extended petition.

I-94 issued has an expiration date that matches 797 expiration date.