Stamping for Client B, but H1B petition & LCA was for Client A in same location

My H1B petition and LCA was approved for Client A raised by my Employer. I never got stamping and
Its been 2 years and now, I am trying for visa stamping for Client B in the same location of LCA. Just 14 miles away from Client A office. Can i directly go for stamping since it can be considered in same MSA.
Or should I do any amendment.

This needs to be decided by your employer and their immigration lawyer based on other factors like job position/role/duties etc and if there is any change in these factors that may need an amendment. Yes, you don’t need amendment if everything is same including the MSA/location however it would be best discussed and decided by your immigration lawyer.

Thanks for your reply kalpesh.
My role, salary and duties are same. Change is only for client and project.
Sure. I will check with employer’s immigration team.