stamped visa valid till July13 - best procedure to transfer

I have H1B it is valid till 1st July 2013. Stamping is done. If I would like to transfer the visa to another employer, what is the best procedure to utilize at this moment? I have B1 visa too. Can I travel on existing visa and transfer to other employer? If I need to do it from offshore, do I need to go for stamping again? Please address it immediately

  1. Don’t try to convert B1 to H1. B1 is purely for business and leisure.

  2. You can go for cap-exempt this year or within another 5 years. You will have to go for new stamping after receving approved petition filed by new employer.

Please read my post and vote:

Actually stamping is not mandatory as long as the previous visa stamp is still valid. If the previous visa stamp has expired, then stamping is required through new employer w/ new petition.