Stamped H1b cancelled during B1 Visa interview

I had H1b Visa stamped. But I never travelled to US and was not working with the company, which sponsored my visa. Now when I processed by B1 visa through different company, US embassy asked me if I am still working with the company who sponsored my H1b. I said no and they cancelled my H1b.

Does it mean my H1b is cancelled with that company but I can still find another sponsor and get it stamped? or I need to go through lottery again?

The visa stamp has been canceled but not the petition. You are still eligible for cap-exempt petition. You will have to appear for stamping again when your new petition is approved and you are ready to travel.

thanks saurabh. thats helpful. is this cap exempt applicable for 6 years from date of issue or just for 3 years in case I dont use this visa at all.

It is for 6 years from the date of issue. However, some recent cases were approved even after the 6 year term had elapsed.