SSN Delay for L1 Visa

Hi , I am an L1 Visa holder applied for SSN number. it is 6 weeks now still my SSN is pending verification from Immigration. I keep following with SSN office their response is same pending from immigration Meanwhile i checked my “Save” case status on USCIS Site the case status shows “Returned back to agency” But when i call SSN office i keep getting same old response.

Did anyone faced this issue and how you resolved it?

I know this situation and happens to 1% of the applicants. It happened to my friend and his SSN got delayed by 12 weeks - happened when he first entered the US many years ago. I found out a few years later that non-immigrant visa holders are supposed to answer ‘no’ when asked ‘are you eligible to work in the US?’ If you answer ‘yes’. they send it to investigations. My friend simply waited. It does come through eventually.