Spouse unable to attend PA with me. Can I make it alone

Hello All,
I had applied for H1B extension 6 months back(Premium Processing) and got my Petition appoved by May 19th 2016. I submitted DS-160 for both myself (during 2nd week of June 2016) and my spouse and got PA date only on Sep 28 and Sep 29, due to inordinate wait times for VISA appointments.

My Wife is an expecting Mom, and the due date is Mid October. She is already in her home town and I am put up in Chennai. It is already 32 weeks for her and it would be tough for her to accompany me during PA. Is it possible for me to leave my wife behind and attend the interview alone. If so what are the additional documents needed to support that My Wife cannot attend the interview?

I do not want to Post-pone the interview as the next PA is available only during December end as my Petition would end by May 17th 2017. I am caught in a peculiar situation, could you please help me out


SabariNathan K

You can appear for interview yourself, and your spouse can appear later. No additional documents required to explain why she is not attending with you.

Thanks very much Saurabh for your response. This helps.

SabariNathan K

I would also suggest cancelling her appointment if she cannot appear so that her record doesn’t show up as ‘No Show’.

Will it have an impact when she appears for the interview at a later point in time ? I shall request my employer to cancel her appointment. Thanks very much for the response Saurabh.

No impact. I don’t think they will ask, but in case they do she can reply truthfully about pregnancy.

Thanks Saurabh for clarifying all my doubts. Appreciate it.