Spouse name addition in passport


I recently got H1B approval notice. I have got two questions:

1> Do I need to get my name added to my wife’s passport?

2> My wife doesn’t have last name in her passport. Will it be an issue?

Please help with the above queries.



  1. Not required, but recommended. You can use marriage certificate, wedding card/album to show that you are married.

  2. What is her correct name? XXXX or XXXX YYYY?

Thanks Saurabh.
2. What is her correct name? XXXX or XXXX YYYY?
Her correct name is XXXX i.e. No last name.

Ok. Not an issue but all her immigration documents will have following name:
First Name: FNU
Last Name: XXXX

FNU - First Name Unknown

Thank you Saurabh…it helps a lot.
Will it be an issue for her to get SSN or DL in US?

Read this article - http://redbus2us.com/surname-blank-in-passport-first-name-as-fnu-in-us-visa-issues-solution/

Personally, I would prefer to add a last name and not get into FNU issues.

Thank you Saurabh. I would go for spouse name and last name addition.
Appreciate your quick response to all my queries. The forum is very informative and has been very helpful for various immigration questions.

Hi Saurabh,
I was able to get my last name added to my wife’s passport. Do I need to need to enter details for below question in her DS-160 form?
Have you ever used any other names (i.e. maiden, religious, professional, alias etc.)

Yes, mention the old name as the other name. It shouldn’t impact the eventual decision.

This helps. Thank you very much Saurabh.