Spouse in India has H4 expired and has Valid visit visa

Spouse is in India has H4 visa expired as of now.
Has visit visa valid for 5 more years.
H4 DS-160 filled and got confirmation page as Primary H1 has valid petition.
H4 Visa fee not paid and not scheduled H4 visa appointment.
Need to travel urgent to attend wedding.
So, India to us travel tickets booked on visit visa.
Any issues during port of entry for the above scenario? Is spouse allowed to enter US on visit Visa?

Should not be any issue for H1B spouse to use visitor visa however note that she may need to prove non-immigrant intent and therefore may need a return ticket. She should carry invitation for marriage and an itinerary listing showing where she will be staying , for how long and when is the rerurn. Also she must answer any questions related to you/spouse truthfully.
If you are at all planning to file a change of status application from B1/B2 to H4 while she is visiting, make sure you file it after 90 days of her entry into the US or it may create issues in future for her employment based green card.
Lastly, consult your employer’s immigration
lawyer and discuss the above to get further guidance from them specific to your case.