Sponsoring Visitor Visa for Parents.

Hi Saurabh,

I have travelled in H1 in Oct 2012 with my family and currently planning to bring my parents on visitor visa.

I have following questions.

Since being in US for less than 6 months will be a factor on my parent’s visa outcome?

I will be sponsoring both my parents and if i show $10,000 as bank balance is it sufficient?

Both of my parents will be attending visa interview at same time do i need to product two set of documents or one should be fine?

Can i send all the documents as soft copy to my parents and ask them to take print out or should i courier the documents to india.

Thanks in Advance…


Your short term stay in US will not impact the decision. You have enough funds.

If they are attending together then send one set of documents and include both names in the invitation letter. Yes, soft copy and print-outs are fine.

Thanks Saurabh !!