Sponsor visitor visa for cousin

Hi All,

First of all thank you for each and everyone who is actively helping out.

I have a cousin in India who is not employed full time, age 33 and is working on projects which are short termed. I would like to know how can I sponsor visitor visa for him? Will it be a problem since he is not employed full time? Can he attend visa interview while he is unemployed? What all documents do I need to prepare for him to successfully clear the visa interview?

I am working on H1B full time in California.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hard to get a visitors visa for a young, qualified individual is considered as a potential immigrant in the eyes of US immigration. An additional disadvantage is being unemployed currently. In my view, hard possibility to get a visitors visa, but I dont discourage to give a try by your best way of proving the non-immigrant intent.

Thanks so much for your reply.

We will give it a try. If you have seen anyone do this or have any recommendations please let me know.

Thanks again.