Spelling mistake in Beneficiary Name in I-797C - a letter in first name is missing

Hi All,

 My employer has shared I-797C form with me and I have observed that beneficiary name has a spelling mistake, a letter is missing in first name.

I have followed up immediately with Employer and they sent mail to attorneys to look into this issue.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

I want to know-

 - I know i shouldn't go for stamping without correcting this, How much time it will take to correct this issue?

 - Will it slow down my file movement to approval status?

It would be helpful if anyone provides this information, whoever faced this issue before.


I have same issue like yours, any suggestions?


Yeah, my employer raised a service request with USCIS, they sorted it in 15 working days and changed my status to “name was Updated”
After 2 months I got the approval too. Right now, have scheduled the stamping interview too.
So contact the employer and they will do the needful

Thank you Sri… I have approved i797C .

I have informed my employer today and waiting for reply from them.

Thank you Sri…

  • Loki

Hi Loki/Sri,

i have same case incorrect spelling in I 797 C, A Service request had been raised last month but no change in status. Also, in your case, was mistake done by USCIS side or it was your employer who sent required documents with incorrect spelling, Since in my case employer sent incorrect I129 form,

Also please suggest what other option i have, should i wait for few more days?