Spelling error in my surname

Hi, I have noticed a spelling mistake in my surname and informed my employer, but they asked me to wait for approval notice. Today my approval notice received but my employer is not showing me the approval notice to verify my surname and for my mail also there was no response from my employer… :frowning: :(.

My passport and certificates are having correct spelling. Now my manager is urging me to go for stamping because he planned to tag me in other project, not the same project what they mentioned while applying for visa.

Will it be a problem when I go for a stamping with same approval form if it is having spelling mistake in surname? Please some one suggest me… Very much tense…

I am praying god for not having any spelling error in approval notice. :frowning: :frowning:

Don’t worry about it. Just go for stamping. Clerical errors happen every day with Indian surnames all over the world.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg; hopehumanityATgmail.com

Hi Sandeep, Thanks for your response. Finally i got my approval notice from my employer. Now I saw another issue in that form. There are 2 problems. One is my surname spelling issue and another one is wrong DOB. My employer told me that they will check with attorney on correcting errors and getting new approval notice… I am not sure how long this process is going to take.