Space Mismatch in Name in Passport and degree certificate

My employer filled my h1b petition this year.Luckily Also I was selected in
H1B Lottery this year. My case is in progress now.In my passport my name is displayed as XYZ(No space between names). But in other degree certificates and company offer letters it is displayed as X Y Z(Space between Names). please let me know whether it will create problem in my case approval.

It may not be an issue in your case. However, it may be a good idea to get the name in passport corrected before you appear for stamping.

Thanks Saurab for your reply.

Still I have following doubts . can you please clarify.

  1. can I know whether i need to do h1b name change ammendment if I renew my passport by changing the name as below.


Name in Passport while petition Filing: SACHINRAMESHTENDULKAR

Need to change name as SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR

  1. As I already renewed my passport after petition filing if I renew my passport again then the new passport wont have passport number of passport which I used for petition filling. so whether it will create problem for visa stamping if I renew my passport again.

  2. If I didn’t change my name in passport whether it will create any problem in future.

  1. Yes, H-1 amendment needs to be applied if there is a name change. I assume your petition has the name SACHINRAMESHTENDULKAR and not “SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR”

  2. No issues. The new passport will have old passport number as reference so chain is maintained.

  3. In the long term, if the official name is really “SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR”, then it is better to get this corrected now before you enter US. You will run into FNU issues if you land in US w/ single name and no last name.

saurab I have one doubt regarding FNU Issue.

Actually in passport my name is displayed with out space but my father name is displayed in surname as below format.

so please let me know I will face FNU issue




Doesn’t matter what father’s last name is. What matters is your First and Last name.