Son's I-94 expiring in July 2015

Hello All,

I am on a L1B and have my visa and I-94 till July 2018. My family on L2, also has their visas till 2018. But my son’s passport expiry is in July 04, 2016 and he got his I-94 only till then.

I am planning to do a trip to India in mid June 2016 and come back in July 2016. Should I be coming back before July 04 or is it okay to come back by July 15. Also, I am assuming that he will get his I-94 automatically updated to the visa date, or do I need to do something about it.



Not sure if you have already renewed his passport, but that should be the 1st step.

If your son will surely leave US in Jun 2016 before his I-94 expiration date, then nothing else needs to be done. Whenever he returns to US, he will receive I-94 for 3 years just like rest of the family.

Thank you Saurabh. That means I don’t need to come back by July 04 and can come by July 15. Also, my wife’s passport is expiring in Dec 2016 and has the I-94 validity till then. Hope she will also get her I-94 updated with this visit.

You can return by July 15 and still get an extended I-94 for your son, provided his passport has been renewed.

As for your wife, she will receive I-94 until Dec 2016 unless her passport is renewed as well. Indian passports can be renewed 12 months in advance. So you can renew it early next year and make sure that she gets an extended I-94 in July.