Software Transformations, Inc Victims !!!

Dear RB Users,

 There are lot of Desi consultancies maintain their status just by filing H1B applications.

Eg:[, Inc]( Charges 2.5Lacs = 50k +2 Lacs

50 k for processing for your back ground check aka Ravlas (God knows this) :(

2 Lacs for H1B filing.

I got some info from Soft Trans employee, as they told me that don't go with this consultancy. This consultancy maintain it's status by just filing H1B.

they don't have approved cases recently from past 2 years.

Please don't look at the, it is just LCA count.



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why do they have to maintain status?? what do u mean by maintaining status?? Did they file ur case or not?? did u get ur reciept number??

Maintaining status: They will show to USCIS every year that they are hiring / need h1b for their business requirement.
I decided not to go with SoftTrans in the last miniute.
They did not file my h1b.
It’s your wish whether to go with SoftTrans or not, I am just giving suggestions to RB Users. I am not here to prove confidentiality of mine.

PS: No h1b consultancy charged 50,000 in the world (50 k for processing for your back ground check aka Ravlas (God knows this) :frowning: )

RedBus User.

Looks like you did not get H1 processed and angry , I have been referred to them by my cousin who is working with them for last 8 years and never had any issue , they never asked me for any money and have other friends who processed H1 by them also never paid any money.I have my H1 approved and visa stamped with no issue.

Also your information of filing H1 for maintaining company status is wrong I have did lot of research and it takes for the company to be well established even to get H1 approved and I dont think any company keeps spending so much money filing H1 to maintain their status. Do not mislead people with half knowledge and just because someone did not process your H1 posting negitive comments is wrong.

You cannot even read what I posted because you only want to deliberately spoil some one’s reputation I have processed my H1 this year and not 8 years back and never paid a single rupee and I know they do not accept everyone and anyone and looks like you are one of them who they did not process , please grow up and refrain from kind of language you use as it is a open forum and people will not like this kind of language.
It is not me who is misleading people it is you , as there are every few genuine companies who do things right and I am proud am going to be working for one.
And am also happy that I do not have to work with people like you .
Good luck

Surprised to see this comment, I just got my H1 approved and stamping done last week filed by software transformations … Thank you Software Transformations. No one ever asked me for payment I was shortlisted after 4 rounds of interviews .

Your comments dont seem to fit , [b]if you have not got your H1 processed by them how are you a victim (I think you should check the dictionary for the meaning of victim)[/b]

I just wanted to share my experience which has been 100% positive dealing with them.

False propaganda , I just got my visa stamped last week , good company and good people never had any issues , just because a company did not accept your file do not spread wrong information, your post itself shows your heartburn because they did not accept your case.

Guys, If Soft Trans asks money for processing H1b, Don’t believe these guys since it is illegal to charge by Employers.
Please check USCIS website.

The world of H1B sponsorships is not an easy one. After all the time and effort that goes into sponsoring brilliant IT specialists for an H-1B, employers many times see them walk away within 24 hours of landing. It happens. This is why security deposits and bonds are so common. In fact, the more qualified you are, the more is employer risk of you walking out on a job and more will be the financial security deposit requirement. People may disagree with me but I have seen that bonds and cash deposits are demanded by companies who are very good at finding projects for the H-1B. Is it entirely legal to threaten an IT specialist with a relationship commitment bond for 2 or more years? Absolutely not, a US court of law will not uphold a bond even if it is signed. But can you blame the company to try their best to keep you with them? You have been identified as a valuable asset and nobody wants to lose you. Bonds and security deposits are acts of financial safety not hatred or fraud. I wish the sponsoring companies and the applicants a lot of peace of mind for all that they go through every day.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;