Signed letter to work two years with Employer - Is it Valid?


My employer, a small tech company, made me to sign a letter stating that I will work for him for two years or will pay him $10K if I leave before. He did not mention anything like this earlier but when I asked for my H1B approval notice original he made sign and then gave me the i-797 original.

Is the letter I signed binding and valid? Can he really put me in trouble in any way if I change my emloyer through H1 transfer? I have no immediate plans to change employer.

Please provide your valuable inputs on whether I should worry or ignore?


B Ashwin


The letter is NOT binding even if you signed, dated and notarized it. It cannot be upheld in a US court of law. However, I strongly suggest staying with present employer for however long you can, it is an act of professional courtesy. Small companies get hurt badly when employees leave early.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO.;