Shud we come to US on yearly salary of 50,000 USD with a family of four?

hi every1

V have got our H1b visa approved and my hubby is earning around 10 lac per annum in India…he wud be getting around 50,000 USD and is coming to new jersey state…is it worth coming there??? v hv 2 kids aged 4 and 2 yrs…plz help!

Well it all depends on your stardard of living . You get around 3k in hand with 50k on H1 . Did he apply through any consultancy??

thanx for the reply…no he did not apply through any consultancy…

It may not be worth it. You can go online to look for tax calculators which will tell you about your in-hand salary. The company will also deduct some amount for insurance. As he will be applying for family insurance, it may be little high.

Another way to look at it is come to US w/ this average pay, move to another high-paying job and then start saving w/ the family.

you will have to pay rent $1200, that is the minimum. Taxes are high may be 22-25%. I think expenses are high. If your work location is in New York City, expenses will me more for travelling. If you just want to visit here and stay , salary is OK. you hardly will be able to save. your day to day expenses can be easily met.

thanx sooo much … :slight_smile:

thanx for ur wise advise…we will definitely take these points in consideration.