Should my petitioner be my current employer in DS160 for H1B stamping?

I have a stamped H4 visa in my passport. While in the US I got my H1B in Oct 2013 and started working but it is not stamped in my passport. Now I’m in India for a month and wish to get the H1B stamped.

While filling the DS160, a section needs information regarding the current employment. Since I started working 3 months back on this H1B, should I mention the company name I work for; OR considering that I was on H4 before this H1B got approved, I should not mention anything as my current employer. 

Note:- There is no change of employment in this duration. I'm still working for my petitioner.

Please suggest, this is urgent.

Current Employer is petitioner in Ur case…

Thanks RaNa! If you have idea, could you please also comment on the following as well:

Thanks much!