Should MS able to provide high paying job,and good qualtiy of knowledge??

I want high paying job to easily give my loans,should i got good job easily??
Whats the profile required for admission in universities like MIT&STANFORD??And if, got enroll into other school beside top 20 then;Whats about job and quality education thier?Please tell me,how could i got scholarship in all universities either Private or state??

No, MS will NOT necessarily provide you high paying jobs. Read ROI on MS in USA

Getting admission to any school is a holistic decision and depends on many factors like test scores, academics, leadership skills, SOP, etc. You need to be really good at all of these and present yourself well in the interviews to get admission in top 10 schools.  Quality of education could be more or less same, it is about the group you are studying with that makes a difference.  Read  [Study in USA ](, there are quite a few, it should help you.