Should I travel to India while i539 for H4 extension is pending?

Hello gurus,
Primary H1 holder has recently change the employer and received the H1-b approval while H4 extension is still pending. We do not anticipate to hear till mid next year considering the current status. H4 extension filed with the old employer of H1-B holder is valid till mid 2023. I am planning to travel to India in January and will have to visit consulate to stamp H4 visa. With that information I have few questions needed help:

Is it fine/recommended to travel with i-539 is pending?
I have read on some forum that H4 extension application will be void. What will be impact of it on my H4 visa stamping?
what document should I take to consulate for visa stamp along with current H1-B approval notice.

Your help is highly appreciated.


It is okay to travel while H4 EOS is pending. This doesn’t impact your H4 stamping in any case.

For list of documents refer below link.