Should I stay on H4 and get EAD? or Should I apply for F1?

My spouse has valid H1B visa and I-94 until 30th Sept 2015He is currently on 6th year of my H1BHe has approved I-140We have already filed for the H1B & H4 extension.Q. Should we apply for EAD for me?Since we have filed for an extension, if we apply for EAD now - will we get EAD until 30th Sept? or will the extension first gets processed and we will get EAD with new I-94 based approval(for three years)?Q. I am starting graduate study in Fall 2015. Should I stay on H4 and get EAD? or Should I apply for F1?If I stays on H4 and gets my EAD- My school would be already started for Fall. EAD will arrive after August and it will be late to apply for TA/RA/GA and campus jobs, so I will no longer have that option for Fall semester. If I changes the status to F1- Can I apply for F1 - change of status, when we already have applied for H4 extension?- Will I be eligible to apply for TA/RA/GA or on campus/part time job opportunities in Fall 2015 semester, if visa is changed from H4 to F1 before August (is it feasible- the time frame?).- Will I be able to change it back to H4 and apply for EAD once the studies are over?