Should I raise I94 extension?


I got my H1B visa from my first company valid from Oct 2013- Dec 2015. I entered US on Oct 2013 and at the time of port of entry , I got my I94 validity till Jan 2015(i.e. less than my H1B validity).

I changed my company in Aug 2014 and my H1B get transfered to second comapny and found H1B validity from Aug 2014 to Aug 2015.

Now, my question is , should I request I94 extension as it is valid till Jan 2015 or does it get auto extended as my H1B is transfered.



Yes, I think you need to apply for an I-94 extension as I-94 is the document which authorizes your stay in US.

A visa allows a person to appear at the gate (a port of entry) and ask to be let in, and the I-94 card is your actual admission ticket, telling you how long you can stay and what you can do while you are here.

Note:- This is my opinion not legal advice