Should I migrate to the us just because I have a green card

Dear Sir,

I am 50+with a wife and 2 sons studying in grade 11 and 9. They are Good in Maths and Science. I have a well paying job about $90,000 but have just been posted to Mumbai which has made my expenditures very high. I am not happy in Mumbai. I have family in USA and am getting my green card by July end (fairly sure about it). I can get a job in the US for about $60-7-000 Per Annum. Should I Migrate

I and my wife get a combined pension of over Rs 60,000/= per month and being . retired Govt servents, we have free medical facilities available to us here.

Well, it is tricky decision. Your need to move your kids and the whole system changes. If you would like to give it a shot, after you get Green Card, you can just move for few months and see if you like it. If it works out well, then you can take your family with you…In my view, you would need to live there for few months to get a feel of lifestyle in America…