Should i go US for MS or continue my Job in India

Hi all,

I am confused about going to USA for my MS as I am working as an Engineer in a very well established MNC with a very good pay. I wanted to do MS in USA as it is one of my dream. I have a year of experience. If I go for MS, i would be of 25 years of age as I am not ready with GRE score yet. and I believe it would take a year and half if I start preparing for getting admission in MS. Is this age too late for MS?? or stick to my current Job??

Please reply…

its totally upto you…here people do MS at the age of 40 also…so thats not a problem

Age is never an issue, if it is your dream to study, go for it…

lol…I was faced with the same question when I was 1 yr experienced. They gave me H1B and sent to US. I am also still faced with the same problem. PLanning to do it sometmins later on