Should i go for H4 extension, I applied for H1B 2016??...appreciate your help at the earliest

Hi Sir,

Do I need to go for H4 extension as my husband’s joined new company in US recently?

Previous employer H4 visa (valid till 2016) will have to be changed to the new employer (valid till 2018)

I applied for H1B 2016 from India, so what should I do, please suggest?? Do I need to wait till H1B 2016 list is out?

At present I am in India, did not travel on H4 till now, but was in US in 2015 on B1.

My husband is coming to India in the month of May where he will also go for his H1B extension stamping.

Highly helpful if you can suggest me a way ahead. Thanks!!

Kind Regards,