Should I go along with my wife for H1B VISA Interview or not

I filed my petition last year as “Single”, currently Its in approved status and this year Nov I am getting married. I want to take my wife along with me to US. In this scenario should I

1). Attend the interview with her OR I should first clear the interview and later take her along for dependent VISA interview?

2). If I attend interview alone in the first then in how much time I can apply for her interview and what all documents will be required. I have read in forums that sometimes in interview they ask about my plans of getting married what in that case. Can I tell them no plans as of now OR shall I tell truth to them.

3). If we are attending as group interview what all things I need to carry, I have heard that for her I might have to make changes in her passport (Instead of father’s name husband’s will be needed).

Any kind of suggestions will be helpful here.

  1. Both options are possible. Personally, I prefer to go together and get everything done in one go.

  2. There is no wait time required. She can appear soon after. She would need copy of your approval notice, proof of marriage, her passport, DS-160 form and your employment documents.

  3. Same documents as #2. It is not required to have her name changed in the passport. She can continue to use the old name. If she is legally changing her name then it may be better to get the passport renewed first and then appear for stamping.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your time.

Sure I can go along with her but as I mentioned I ma getting married in Nov-2016 and by the time I have all docs it will be late Dec-2016. Won’t that be too late for us to appear for interview. Just concerned as I have heard that if we appear late for interviews mostly after Nov rejection rate increases.

Nothing like that. As long as you have valid up to date documents, it doesn’t matter whether you appear in Oct, Nov, Dec or Jan or later.