Should I file another DS-160 if my current DS-160 is pending?


My H1b was approved in Oct 2022 and was filed by my employer while working for Client A. Client A then decided to not sponsor me and I decided to switch clients. I switched clients and am now currently working for Client B. My visa stamping appointment was in April 2023 at Mumbai consulate and I did not file an amendment while in US because I was not aware that I had to file it after changing clients. My current client’s office and previous clients office are in different states. I came to India in April and went for my visa stamping appointment without filing amendment. Visa officer refused to give me visa at the time but told me to file a new I-129 that states change in client location and send that document to Mumbai consulate through email. My H1b amendment has been approved and it has been more than 3 weeks since I responded to their email but I have not heard anything from them yet. Should I file new DS-160 and create a new Visa stamping appointment? Is that correct step to take?

Thanks for all the help!

Ideally you should be filing new DS-160 with the new I-797 approval and book another appointment unless the CO kept your passport and issued 221g for submitting the new approval notice.