Should H1 amendment be filed for stamping India? Have current location LCA.

Hi Saurabh,

I entered US on H4 visa and then got my H1B approved from a consulting company. So my status changed from H4 to H1 in US. I have been working with this Consulting company(EVC model) for the last 6 months.  


I am planning to go to India and get my H1 stamping done. My employer initially filed my petition with their company address. They filed for a new LCA containing my current work location(client) as soon as I started working for a client. 


My employer's Attorney says that this is a new policy followed by US Consulate in India, without the amendment(current work location address mentioned in the petition) they wont do my H1 stamping just with the new LCA(current work location), payslips etc.


Is it true? Is this a new policy or is it always that whenever the client location changes you have to file for new LCA(> 50 miles) and H1 amendment? 


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Can I get a reply on this? Awaiting a quick response so that I can decide on next steps.

If you say in interview that you are going in new location you have to show amendment filing notice. Only LCA won’t do.If you are just stamping now and will eventually go after amendment you can do stamping with old lca if and only if you are in a reputed company in which case they don’t want any contract document with client.