Should go for Stamping or should go for Amendment first

I work for a top IT MNC. My petition has been approved for FY 2014 H1B visa. Planning to go for the interview next month. Now I have a tricky situation. I may not travel for the client for which the petition has been approved. I will probably travel for a different client in a different state in US. Therefore I will probably need to go for an amendment. So there are 2 possible scenarios. KIndly advise me on the below items/questions.

Scenario 1. If I still travel for the client for which I have the petition approved, then there is no problem. I will go for the stamping next month and travel in October once approved. Straight forward situation.

Scenario 2. I go for stamping next month and visa gets stamped in my passport. Now if I need to travel in a different location for the other client then when should I go for the amendment? Can I immediately apply for an amendment in early September when I already have a stamped visa in my passport? Does USCIS cosiders this as violation if an employee applies for an amendment before October since he was supposed to travel for the original approved petition client starting October?

  1. Can amendment be applied in Premium Processing to get decision in 15 days?

  2. Can amendment get rejected for any reason? If yes then dos USCIS revokes the originally approved petition/stamped visa if amendment is rejected?

  3. If I really have to travel for a different client in different location then is it advisable to get the petition amended first and then go for stamping with amended petition?

im also in a similar situation let me know if you find anything regarding amendment after stamping …

1, 2. You may be asked for client/project related documents when appearing for interview. Unless the old project is still available and that client can vouch for you, do not appear for stamping w/ their documents. In this case, go for new LCA followed by H-1 amendment and then appear for stamping.

If the client changes after you have got the visa stamped, then get the new LCA and H-1 amendment. USCIS will not consider this as a violation.

  1. I don’t think so.

  2. Yes, amendment can be denied. However that will not impact the original approved petition unless they determine underlying fraud etc

  3. Yes, new LCA -> amendment -> interview