Shall I wait till April to change F1/F2 visa to H1?

Hi Redbus, Please advise me about US laws

Me & my spouse are currently in US on F1/F2 visa... we both got job offer...Can we apply for H1 before April becouse we are in US or it's only happening In April?if We apply in April and get approved cn we start working before Oct?


As you have mentioned that you are on F1 you can apply for OPT through school and once you get your EAD card you can start to work. OPT authorizes you to work 12 months, If you have science, engg degree you can extend it for another 17 months.

You cannot apply for H1B now until the quota opens up on April 1st 2013. F2 visa have to file for H1B to start working, after filing in april 2013 she can start to work only from Oct 1st 2013 as generally H1b visa authorizes work from Oct 1st every year.