Shall i pursue MS by quiting my job -- Carreir advice Please

Hi HSB, Please Guide me in Taking the right Decision.

	I Completed B.E(ECE) – 65% in 2011 and Currently Working in IT company( 3.1 L/A) having 1.7 years experience as Mainframe Developer.Studying abroad is always been my Dream. Now i realise it is already Late and feel its Now or Never. I Planing to go MS for Fall 2014(I will be having 2 1/2 years work experience by then). I just know from my heart i want to fly away. Experience things there. Well I thought of MBA first but since its too costly to afford and risk i decided to go for MS. I really dont know which specialization i need to do. I feel i can adapt to anything suggested. I can say i like coding and prefer computer science subjects and being Ece graduate i can opt that too but afraid my experience will got waste. Well the other confusion which country to go..? i personly prefer US but ready to look at other countries if there are economical/better job prospects. I really dont want to do MS for money but still it is contraint for me being middle class and even quiting my job.I just need Assurence If not in better positon I just need equal position i would be in if i continue in Job. Please suggest me on this there is just lot of confusion

HSB ??

You are in confusion with too many thoughts going around. Well, you need to sit down and make a decision. First decide what is the most important thing to make you happy…what is your passion ? Then work towards that passionate goal. If you do not have money, you can take a loan…if not, you can study well in GRE and get some good scores for getting some funding… All in all, you cannot have everything, you need to forego certain things and maybe take some chances to pursue your passion. I am not sure about other countries, but US is a great place to pursue higher education… Our blog has quite a few articles under Study in US section, browse and read them, it can help.