Shall I proceed with the payment for H1B ? Need help

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I need to clarify a few things as I am trying for H1B for next year. I was looking out for an opportunity and Ark IT services responded back. I discussed the steps and one of the employers was interested in me and I had a Skype interview and I cleared the interview. I shared all the documents as well. Now Ark IT mentioned that I need to pay $1000 as the total H1B cost comes out approximately to $4200 as it is premium filing. The employer which is interested is ready to pay around $3000. And I need to pay $1000 now. If my name comes out in the lottery(they mentioned that there is more than 95% chance as I got a job and it is premium filing) then it is fine. If my name does not come out in the lottery then I will get back 80% of my amount within 48 hours. After I make the payment they will give me the receipt as well as the agreement copy. I have not been able to completely be sure about this. Can anyone help me out on this?

Next H1b lottery will take place only on April 2016 and there is no guarantee that you will be selected, I think those people are fraud

Well I know about that. And they have already mentioned about the same. April 1st 2016 is the filling date and 22nd May 2016 is the result of the lottery. I know that there is no guarantee about the same. They have mentioned that since this is premium process there is 95% chance of getting a H1B visa.

Sounds like a total fraud to me. Lottery results are out within 10 days. 22nd May is a bogus date.

Premium processing doesn’t increase your chances of getting picked up in lottery. It just expedites the processing in case you are picked in lottery.

Those two lies alone would make me go running away from this company.

Premium process is for knowing the result of lottery selected petition within 15 days and I am 100% sure it wont increase chances of getting selected inlottery, those guys are lying

I also got response back from Ark IT Services. Please let me know if you got any idea whether this is genuine company or fraud.


I am also in conversation with them, was someone able to get in touch with any who have dealt with them in past.

Ripu Daman


No I didn’t get anyone. Also I didn’t find them on so i can’t say that they are reliable.

yes they are not on myvisajobs…did anyone else get in contact with them or anyone who has filed with them previously ?


I did contact them, they do arrange for sponsorship and not sponsor H1B by themselves ( More like a Consultancy for H1B ). Not sure how this worked out for others in the forum but I got my H1B Picked in 2013, they introduced me to the client and arranged for the sponsorship they only charged me for the processing fees.

I have applied through them last year but it did not get picked in the Lottery, So the amount that was Charged was refunded in 12 days !

Hello @um123um,

Why did’nt they take money and run away? As i applied H1b from them,But instead i got refund when my application was rejected. Can you answer me ?


Please can anyone advice , is it ok to proceed with them .
@arijit2987 , did you apply through them . please advice .

I am also planning to proceed with them. But I checked the Ark IT Services company here. But couldn’t see registered entity.

Hello Mates

I have been through their process in 2014, now i am holding a h1 visa (all thanks to Ark IT Services)

People who say they are fraud…! well i say you are wrong. Do not judge on your own. They are a consultancy and they charge the consultation fee. I was even on a contract with them for couple of months even after my visa was picked, they have given me the best services.

Email me for any questions:

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Even I am planning to start the process for 2016. Can you please provide some more details like from which client you got interviewed and how the interview happened (skype or other).