Shall I apply B1/B2/F2 for my Husband.

Please respond. I am a F1-OPT student who came married and had ex-husband on F2 visa. Got divorced 1 year back. Re-married again just one month back. Now while i am on OPT and earning good as a software developer and will be applying for OPT-Extension next week. want to bring my husband here as soon as possible as I am living alone here for more than a year. Dont wanna face any rejection for him. Please suggest me what shall i ask him to apply… B1/B2/F2. So that he shouldnt face any rejection and should easily be here. Please, waiting for the reply.

A B1/B2 will be rejected on grounds that F-2 is correct category to apply. Please be careful because F-2 does have a fail rate of 98%