Sevis terminated stayed for two months after and left

I applied to college for fall 2018 and then I was unwell and gave a medical document in September to request zero credit for the semester . But they terminated me in September I still stayed in states till January of 2019 and left . I stayed due to medical conditions and I had a medical procedure in December. I am feeling better and re applied to a different college and they gave me a new sevis and now I have to apply for new student visa . My old one is still active till May 2020 but I need a new one to match my new sevis . So will they be problems in getting a new one

You need a new I-20 and Sevis ID but I am not sure who advised you on needing a new F-1 visa because the latter is simply a travel document. Is the new institute appropriately accredited compared to the previous one?

I called the embassy and even emailed them asking Do I require a new visa . They said I need to apply for a fresh visa because the sevis number will be different from the one on my visa .

I think you should simply travel on the existing visa. There is something not right with the answer that you have received from embassy. Fact check this by asking students who have posted previously on this website.