SEVIS terminated - Can I use my previous Visa?

I got my sevis terminated on the 30th August but now I have a new i20 and a new sevis record, do I need to get a new Visa cause someone told me that my Visa is tied with my sevis record number and if me sevis is terminated then my Visa is terminated automatically and im worried about it. Also I’m in the 5 month period since my sevis was terminated on the 30th August
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why was your SEVIS terminated ? Did you ask your DSO, if you need new stamping ?


Once your SEVIS has been terminated irrespective of reason’s, you have to get new visa stamped with new i-20.
New stamping has to be in your home country only.

Now the hard hurt —
If you are going for same degree level I.e to another Master’s program,
Then you will not get new visa. Please take note. If you are going for higher level like PhD only then you will get visa.
Because visa officer feels that you are going for work. This they don’t like it.

Another thing is CBP. At the board point in USA, they will return you back because they will not allow you because the rule is you are there for study only and not to work.

DSO , at ur school do such things. They will never give you proper guidance and they don’t care if you will face issue in documentation or in getting OPT receipt or any functional flaws. Because they don’t like Indians. They feel that you will settle their. So they will not waste any opportunity to cancel or end ur stay their.

These point are true and I faced this same issues.

My college DSO, was not helpful. When I contacted him about my OPT receipts status, he just slept over it and was happy that my request is lost. He didn’t tell me any thing about the time frame nor he suggested enquiry nor helped me other than laughing. His reaction was all happy that they became successful in terminating me and making sure I am out of USA .
If same thing had happened to his own blood kind, the communities he work for, then things would had been different.
Anyways I feel that $50,000 I gave it in charity and got my life ruined, lost my life, my job, my future.
If and only if my decision to go there for studies was not done.

We Indians are fools. We don’t respect our country and our education system. We get fooled by them. Our one document mistake is all required for them to ruin our life.
We idiots spend our only life fortune all such to get insulted and kicked out.
It’s like looting us royally just because we come there for studies.

Another irony,
Colleges there offers day one CPT programs. That means, students can work from the day 1.

But visa officer/CBP is nor aware of this.

They reject visa request based on 214(b) and CBP will deport back if they feel that you are going to work there.

Now, we Indians, idiots, go and reapply for visa.

Now tell me, whos cheating whom.

Is the college in USA who are offering day 1 CPT or the security who will deport back if you are going to work there or
Is it USA government who take away our money in the name of visa ???

Truth is, who ever it may be, the damage is for only students.

Another irony is, they expect that student, should not work and take care of all the charges. OK fine. Then they insult us that we come from 3rd world country. We are poor country, our economy is like this, our facilities are like this.

Helloooo… I am coming there to study not to spent my or my country’s money. You expect that I should own latest branded car, body filled with perfume and covered scantily, with a debit/card filled to feed the soooo called social friends and at the end after eating me and my food, you will work out a plan to ditch me in the name of law n order, SEVIS termination, OPT denial etc…
Who will investigate this visa fraud and punish those culprits.

We can take legal action if any of the consumer products don’t adhere to its quality and services.

Similarly why government don’t take action if a college cheat.
I feel that, Indian government should open offices in the countries where we go for studies and help us in this visa complete process and investigate this rejection, education related law n orders.
We cannot trust the college DSO( like the one I had). Issues I faced from the college and students there. Believe me its not safe and trust worthy.

I studied, 2 and half years of full time MBA. My OPT got denied because my application never reached and nobody helped me to rectify about it.
As a student/ common man, keeping track of USA law was difficult. In the name of law, rules, I got cheated and nobody helped me. I didn’t knew what was happening behind my back.

I feel that, I was lured to make investment in the name of higher study.
They cheated me with my money and ruined my job prospect and ruined my life.

I don’t wish the same to other people.

That’s why I am writing this comments.
Please read and help other students life.
Life doesn’t happens again. So beware of this scam and issues.
Protect your hard earned money, family and your career.